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Mid-Century Kitchen Remodel in Ottawa

Are you planning an epic kitchen remodel project? Are you leaning towards mid-

century kitchen decor? If your answer to both of these questions is a resounding “Absolutely,” you have plenty of wonderful options to choose from. Work with the talented contractors at Severe Contracting in Ottawa to obtain the exact look you crave. Whether you want to upgrade to increase curb appeal or simply because you desire a new look for the hub of your home, the team at Severe Contracting will bring your vision to beautiful life.

Review a few mid-century kitchen remodel ideas to inspire your latest renovation:

  • Wooden Beam Ceilings: Add warmth and beauty to your kitchen with wooden beam ceilings. Install them in conjunction with other wooden accents and exposed brick walls to create a cozy yet open kitchen space.

  • Pastels, Pastels, Pastels: Go pastel! Kitchens in the 1960s frequently featured lots of pastel accents, such as light blue cabinets and appliances. If opting for light-colored accents, keep the walls neutral to avoid excessive color saturation.

  • Pale Walls + Light Cabinetry: Combine pale green or pale yellow walls with light-colored wooden cabinetry as another homage to mid-century kitchen design. White cabinetry also works extraordinarily well.

  • Retro Light Fixtures: Install retro light fixtures to add more mid-century kitchen flare. Fixtures and appliances in the 1960s often featured rounded edges, so look for circular kitchen lights with a vintage vibe. For example, try rounded metal lights in the Scandinavian style.

  • Pub Stools: Keep the ‘round’ theme going by incorporating rounded pub stools into your new kitchen design. Google ‘1960s furniture’ if you need further inspiration!

Discuss these and other mid-century kitchen design ideas with the friendly team at Severe Contracting in Ottawa to create a kitchen that is both retro and contemporary.

Learn more about services available through Severe Contracting by contacting them today.

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