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Tips on Making the Most of your Bathroom Remodel

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Embarking on a bathroom remodel involves crucial decisions, with budget considerations

often taking center stage. On average, a bathroom remodel can cost around $10,500, while opting for an upscale upgrade may set you back around $26,000. However, there are savvy ways to give your bathroom a fresh look without breaking the bank, and careful allocation of your funds is key.

When partnering with a bathroom contractor, remember that you're investing in professional expertise that can prevent costly mistakes in the long run, especially if you're contemplating a DIY approach. Your contractor serves not just as a skilled laborer but as a guide, directing you to wise spending and helping you achieve a well-designed bathroom.

Here are some valuable tips to keep your bathroom remodeling project within budget:

  1. Strategic Splurging: If there's a particular item you're eager to splurge on, find opportunities to save elsewhere. For instance, if a custom-built double vanity is a priority, consider trimming expenses on lighting fixtures, towel racks, or plumbing fixtures.

  2. Tile Wisely: Tile costs can add up quickly, especially for high-end options. To manage expenses, use pricey tiles as accents paired with more affordable field tiles. Focus the expensive tile where it matters most, such as on vanity backsplashes, making a visually striking impact in key areas.

  3. Paint Power: For a budget-friendly transformation, repainting is a highly cost-effective option. Invest in high-quality paint with a satin finish to ward off mold and mildew, providing a fresh look without compromising durability. Consult with your Ottawageneral contractor for paint recommendations.

  4. Update Fixtures: Elevate your bathroom's aesthetic with small yet impactful updates. Investing in updated light fixtures, plumbing fixtures (showerheads, sink faucets), towel racks, and cabinet pulls creates a cohesive look without a substantial financial commitment.

Remember, a well-executed bathroom remodel doesn't necessarily mean emptying your wallet. By making strategic choices and leveraging the expertise of a skilled contractor, you can achieve a stunning transformation within your budget constraints.

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